Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It is useful as we can see other people ideas but it is quite messy too. i think this could be use as a cca in a blogging club.


MY favorite online application is facebook as i have made many friends there and can chat with them. I also can play various fun and interesting games too.That is why it is my favorite online application.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

View 3 places i have been during holidays in a larger map
1.Head west on Sunset Square55 m
2.Turn left to stay on Sunset Square230 m
3.Continue onto Sunset Terrace240 m
4.Turn right at Sunset Walk72 m
5.Turn left at Sunset Way450 m
6.Turn right at Clementi Rd650 m
7.Turn right at Clementi Ave 2700 m
8.Turn right at Commonwealth Ave W1.0 km
9.Turn right at Clementi Ave 6 Destination will be on the left300 m
Goggle map also helps us see where we are and can allow us to go to our designated places. i think it is very reliable as i have used it several times.

The experience of creating my first blog

It was very complex at first but after i watched the video the 2nd time, it started to get easier and when i finally created my first blog i was very relieved that i had done a fair job of it.I think it could help me in my sst life to pen out my good story ideas so that i can look back to them next time to get some inspiration.

SST letter of confirmation

As you can see in the picture there is a girl who has a wide and radiant smile showing that she is overjoyed and very happy.It was just like when i received the letter of confirmation that i could enter SST. i was overjoyed and as you see the little girl accepting the confetti,it was as how i accepted the results of the letter readily and with open    arms.