Thursday, May 29, 2014

dun be a bully brendan.

go away brendan.


  1. As a responsible user of the Internet and Social Media, I think that your behaviour is unacceptable and frankly, quite embarrassing. Not only are you being a cyber-bully by accusing a schoolmate of crimes he did not commit, but also reflecting badly of yourself.

    Think about the effects this would have on the alleged "brendan's" life, and also reflect upon how it affects yours as well. By doing this, unknowing readers of this blog will find this 'brendan' to be a bully, thus possibly causing negative implications on his future.

    Do think about your actions that are uncalled for and think. Think with the sad excuse of a brain of yours, and I do hope that you will consider proceeding with appropriate actions. Thank you

  2. You have committed crimes against Skyrim and its people. What say you in your defense!?